Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Tyson Week 2 in the Mexico City MTC

Hola family and friends,

thank you all for sendig your letter and sharing your experiences at home with me. It makes my day to hear how you are all doing. If I havent gotten back to you, just know its cause they only give me an hour to email each week, but i love you all.

   To answer some of your questions as to what its like here, its 90 acres and has a 20 ft. wall with barbwire fence around it, which at times can make it feel like a prison lol. Im busy all day learning spanish, studying doctrine, teaching lessons, small gym time, and eating. There is little to no down time. My bed is too small and my feet hang over the edge. Its really pretty in the MTC and they have their own well separate from the city so we have clean water. Mexico City is pretty in its own way, but its the farthest thing from home. There are constantly "Fireworks" going off. That's probably why they built the wall so they can protect us from the "fireworks."
   This Week has been crazy, one of the Elders in my room went home because he was homesick, now his companion joined into my companionship, which has been a really hard adjustment. Learning spanish has been difficult and can get really frustrating at times, but im progressing. This week i bore my testimony in spanish, it was rough, but I did my best. 2 days ago there was a fire on the hill next to us, It was crazy to see! Luckily they put it out before it did damage to the homes. Im trying to cut back on how much I eat, i am getting bigger and stronger, but Im trying to stay in shape.
This week one of my teachers pulled me and my companion aside and said "I was told to ask you guys to stop flirting with the sisters, I know you guys haven't been, but you aren't normal missionaries." Me and my comp started laughing so hard because we never flirt. The sisters always come us and talk to us, we are just nice and I guess its considered flirting. I explained to him how I already have the best of them back at home (Sam), but it was pretty funny!
Overall its been a long but good week here, and im having fun! Please continue sending me emails and pics, I will try to get back to all of you, have a good week!
Elder Mendez

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