Friday, March 18, 2016

Tyson's Third Week in the Mexico MTC

Hey Family and Friends,

This week has been a really long week because they moved my P-Day a day back, which doesn't seem like much, but out here it is. Yesterday was St. Patrick´s Day so me and my companions all wore green ties. It started off as a really good day, I got my first package from my mom and it was Krispy Kreme donuts and they were delicious. Right after I picked up my package we walked back to our house, went into my room and to my surprise there was a bird flying at me haha! Idk how it got into our room since all the windows have screens on them, but it was pretty crazy. The bird ended up hurting itself because it kept flying into the walls so we just picked it up and put it outside. It pooped and peed on Elder Arellano´s sheets though!

Later last night me and Elder Arellano got into an argument with our other companion Elder McBride. It was so dumb but we all worked it out, its just been really hard having three companions especially when one of them always wants to do different things during gym time then you. Haha ive been working out everyday and staying somewhat in shape, but its been hard when they serve dessert at every meal.

My spanish has really improved, I still have a long ways to go but im making good progress. Im a little upset my MEXICAN dad never taught me spanish jk love you dad(:

Thank you all again for the constant letters and support, I read them all and they really make my day so thanks. There is this one girl in my district that has a really strong personality that I have a hard time getting along with, but ive done my best to be nice to her and she finally said something nice to me the other day! she said ¨Out of all the people at the MTC you are by far the most fit¨ I was so caught off guard, but it goes to show that if you´re nice no matter how mad people make you, usually they will come around. Today I finally met someone who is also going to Torreon on his mission, he is Latino and he is super cool, its nice to know im not the only one going to Torreon, because for a while I wasn´t sure if my mission was a real mission since I haven´t met anyone going there until now. Anyways this week has been great, and im stoked to get out the field soon, talk to you all again next week(:

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