Monday, May 23, 2016

Week 13: Upcoming Pool Baptism, A Scorpion and Way Too Much Food :)

Hey Family and Friends,

     This week has been a good week, one of our investigators had his baptismal interview on Saturday and he is good to go, we got permission and if everything goes as planned I will be baptizing him in his pool at his house. His family is the richest family in my área cause his dad was the president of Matamoros so thats why he has a pool. Im super excited for him and it should be awesome!  

Yesterday a lady made me some Menudo for breakfast cause I told her that I liked it which was super nice. Then after church one of our other investigators invited us over for tacos and cake it was super good, but then 1 hour after that we had another lunch appointment and I was stuffed beyond belief. Dont get me wrong I am super greatful for all the food, but if I keep eating like this im gunna look like the Michellean man soon lol.

Overall this week was pretty average, but today we are going to torreón to buy some ties and visit, and then some soccer later so it should be good. Well thats my week for ya, take care everyone(:

Elder Mendez
Tyson and his companion found this scorpion where they wash their clothes!!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Week 12: Storms, Birds and the Pure Love of Christ

Wassup Fam and Friends,
     So to start of my week last week I got to Skype with my family and Sam, it was obviously the highlight of my week and it was nice to talk with them. The rest of the week was pretty average, but it was pretty good. We have continued to be blessed with good success here in our area.
This week there was a huge storm that rolled through, and when it started me and my companion were 2 miles from the church where we had a meeting to go to. We were drenched and for the first time I was cold out here in the dessert! The roads were like mini rivers running with wáter, it was pretty cool. When we finally made it to the church nobody was there of course haha.
Last week another bird flew into our house because my comp left the door open and it was just flying around, mexico has made me hate birds, I havent had the best experiences lol.

     Yesterday I was in church and there was a lesson given about charity, and they talked about how charity is the pure love of Christ. They asked us a question and the question was how can we demonstrate charity? There were many answers, but this Little girl said that we need to love everyone. It was such a simple answer, but I was just thinking about how when our Savior walked the earth he loved and helped everyone, no matter there sircumstance, rich, poor, sick, or healthy. He was the perfect example and out here I think sometimes I find myself with a Little bit of pride and may think that I am better then someone because they have less then me, but we are all children of the same God and he loves everyone equally. I think me and everyone can do better at loving and serving others, just thought i would share this little thought I had with all of you. Have a good week everyone, much love!

Moroni 7: 47-48

Elder Mendez

Week 11: Changing lives and Skyping Home!

Hey family and Friends,

     So this week has been a pretty good week. Nothing too crazy ended up happening, we just did the usual, but I did have a pretty cool experience this week. One of our investigators speaks english and he is 17, we met him my second week here and have been teaching him almost everday since we met him. He has a pretty crazy life story, he started doing drugs when he was 12 and got his first tatoo at that same age. He struggled with drinking aswell, when we met him he was still doing drugs and drinking, but now he has almost completely stopped everything, and wrote me a letter this week telling me that I have become his best friend and that I changed his life from bad to great. It was super cool and touched my heart! He is preparing for his baptizm in one month, and I couldnt be more excited for him.


It's just super cool to see the impact that the gospel can have on peoples lives and the joy that it can bring. Our mission reached our goal this month of 75 baptisms and so we got to have a little activity day with the zone. For the activity today we played soccer, basketball, american football, and had a some good tacos. It was nice to have a little break and have some fun. I get to skype my family and friends today and im stoked, I hope you all have a good week and ill talk to you soon(:

Much love,
    Elder Tyson Mendez


Monday, May 2, 2016

Week 10: Steroids, Spider Bite and a Special Baptism!

Hey Family and Friends,

      So this week had been a crazy week, to start we have an investigator of the church who is pretty into lifting. Hes been asking me for advice and I wrote him a meal plan, excercise plan, and a suggestion of what supplements to take. He bought all of the supplements and called me to come teach him how much to take and what not. I get there and he bought all the supplements I said and a couple more. He had a couple different steroids which I DID NOT suggest lol. He thought that I have taken steroids and could help him, but I was unable to help him with that, it was pretty funny.

 Later in the week I woke up and I had a spider bite on my leg, it was pretty small, but it started to get bigger and bigger. It started to grow red lines down my leg and swell. Then I got a Little fever and my body was pretty achy, and my hands were turning red. I went to the doctor and she gave me some topical cream, some pills, and some injectable antibiotics. An elderly lady in the Ward injected them into my butt which was no fun, but fortunately I am all better 4 days later. Its is almost completely gone and im back to normal. 
    We had a zone conference and another missionary from Utah came up to me and said that his ex girlfriend wrote him last week saying that she follows me on insta and wanted to tell me hi. I have no idea who she is but small world I guess.

We had a baptism this week, it was a Young man named Gilberto, he is 9 years old, and has special needs. He is so loving and has such a bright spirit. He was so excited for his baptism and the pizza afterwards. We have been teaching him for a Little while now and it was just a super special day(:
On friday the missionaries held a mini MTC for the youth of the church and it was pretty fun to help out and work with the youth of the church. Im doing good out here and just trying to work hard and be the best I can be. Hope you all are doing good and have a good week!!

Much Love, 

Elder Tyson Mendez

Monday, April 25, 2016

Week 9: Convuslions, Soccer and Elder Mendez's First Baptism!

Hey Family and Friends,
     So this week has been a really good week. To start off the week we went on splits with different companions for a day. I was companions with the zone leader who is a super White kid with red hair, but he speaks fluent spanish now since hes been in the misión for 17 months. It was super fun and nice to talk in English for a bit.
Later in the week me and my companion were teaching the góspel to 2 ladies in their home around the kitchen table. I was looking through my scriptures to find a good scripture to share with them, I looked up and one of the ladies was having a seizure and was having crazy convoltions. It was crazy and I wasnt sure what to do, her daughter said it had happened before. So she held her while she was convulsing and once it was over she couldnt talk and could barely move. Me and my companion carried her to her bed and I think she ended up going to the hospital, luckily she is ok.
We have had some good success this week and have been really blessed. I played basketball a couple times this week at 6 in the morning with our investigator which was super fun, and every P Day we play soccer. I dont really like soccer to much, but im starting to get a little better and enjoying it more.
On Saturday I had my first baptism and I baptized a young man my age (19). He was Catholic and all of his family is Catholic, we have been teaching him and his mom, I think his mom will get baptized son too. He is super cool and has demonstrated stong faith and inspires me to strive to be a better person. Once he came to know in his heart after praying to God asking if this church was true, he changed all of his bad habbits to be worthy for the baptism. It was a super special and spiritual experience and I was honored to have the opportunity to be the one to baptize him. Its awesome to see the joy and happiness that the góspel can bring into peoples lives. It made all of the hardships and trials ive faced out here worth it for sure. I love serving other people and helping to change lives. Overall this week has been the best so far. I would invite you guys to strive to look outside of yourselves and for opportunites to help other people. I know that as you strive to do this your life and the lives of others will be blessed. I love you all, have a good week(:

Mosiah 2:17

          Elder Tyson Mendez

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Week 8: Sharing the Gospel and Little Food Poisoning

Hey family and Friends!

    Well this week has been a good week for me. We have been blessed with some good success and im seeing some good progress in my Spanish, im finally starting to understand a Little more.

The people here are super loving, and the food has been pretty good, except I got food poisoning this week and was pretty sick for 3 days. It wasnt too much fun, but its all good. Im healthy again, I guess its just part of the Mexico Experience haha(:

We{ve had 5 of our investigators coming to church and its super cool, and im crossing my fingers, but if things work out I will have my first baptism next Saturday. Its truly an amazing experience to see the light of Christ brought into someones life and to see the willingness and want to make a change in their life.
    Its pretty funny, I guess its really obvious that im not from here cause people are always yelling Little sentences in english to me to see if I speak it. Im by far the tallest person in Matamoros Mexico. All of the houses here have super short door ways and the other day we had just gotten done having lunch at this Sisters house. We were saying goodbye and I was walking and looking back saying goodbye at the same time, I turned my head back around and smacked my face on this metal bar. It hurt pretty bad, but it was pretty funny!
    I played soccer for the first time here in Mexico with a bunch of kids, I am by no means amazing at soccer, but I scored five goals and our team won, it was pretty fun! Well that sums up my week, it was really good, but it felt like a month long lol. I hope you all have a good week this week. Peace!

-Elder Tyson Mendez

1 Timothy 4:12


Monday, April 11, 2016

Week 7: Teaching English to Kids in Mexico

Hey Family and Friends!

Well my first week out in the mission field has been pretty good, ive had a lot of cool experiences. We have a lot of investigators and are constantly busy, if we arent teaching then we are going door to door or contacting people on the streets. We have one investigator that speaks english and I love teaching him cause I can fully express myself and say everything I want too. Ive already seen a big change in him, and hes super cool. This morning we woke up at 6 and went and played basketball with him. The language is getting better, but im still having a hard time understanding people cause they speak so fast, and it can get frusterating because I have a lot I want to share and say, but dont know how yet.

  It is super hot over here, and there isnt a moment where im not sweating, none of the houses have A.C. I only get 20 dollars a week for food which is pretty rough and im constantly hungry. No worries though im getting my debit card fixed cause it currently doesnt work here in Mexico. The people are super giving here, we get fed by members 1 time a day, and they always overfeed you. Ive had to eat alot of vegeatables, and those of you that know me well, know i hate veggies. Although when you are starving you dont care as much, im just greatful for food(:
 I taught an english class to some latino kids, there is a mini school and the teacher is a member, he was out of town so he asked me to teach. it was pretty cool! My companion calls me hulk and he is pretty cool, he is a hard worker and helps push me. He speaks a Little bit of English and we help eachother learn. I shared my testimony with the whole church yesturday in Spanish, it wasnt perfect, but they said I did good and they understood.
It can get a Little lonly out here, but im glad that I have the opportunity to help other people I started a 24 hr fast on Saturday into Sunday and in 32 hrs I only had one meal, Little wáter, I was dying of heat, and I was super tired. This guy came up and started trying to argue with us about why our church was false, it took all the patience I had not to punch him in the face. I took a step back and thought to myself, how would Jesús treat this man? I smiled did my best to be kind, did my best to answer his questions, and told him to have a great day. Ive learned alot over this one week here and have had to man up for sure, but im greatful for all I have and for your guys constant support! Have a good week everyone(:


Elder Mendez                                                 Alma 37: 36-37