Monday, May 23, 2016

Week 13: Upcoming Pool Baptism, A Scorpion and Way Too Much Food :)

Hey Family and Friends,

     This week has been a good week, one of our investigators had his baptismal interview on Saturday and he is good to go, we got permission and if everything goes as planned I will be baptizing him in his pool at his house. His family is the richest family in my área cause his dad was the president of Matamoros so thats why he has a pool. Im super excited for him and it should be awesome!  

Yesterday a lady made me some Menudo for breakfast cause I told her that I liked it which was super nice. Then after church one of our other investigators invited us over for tacos and cake it was super good, but then 1 hour after that we had another lunch appointment and I was stuffed beyond belief. Dont get me wrong I am super greatful for all the food, but if I keep eating like this im gunna look like the Michellean man soon lol.

Overall this week was pretty average, but today we are going to torreón to buy some ties and visit, and then some soccer later so it should be good. Well thats my week for ya, take care everyone(:

Elder Mendez
Tyson and his companion found this scorpion where they wash their clothes!!!


  1. Hi! I've recently received my call to serve in Torreón! I love the blog! I'm looking for an email so that I could ask elder Mendez some questions about the mission!
    I couldn't find an email address on the blog, but my email is if you guys could give me an email for elder Mendez I would greatly appreciate it!