Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Tyson's First Week at the Mexico City MTC

This week has been a crazy week in my life. It has been the most mentally challenging week ever, but im really starting to like it here. When I first got here I was so homesick it was unbelievable, and all I could think about was home. As I have made new friends and been working hard its been a lot better. After I got off of the plane in Mexico I met up with a bunch of other missionaries in the airport. One of them was super cool, me and him became instant friends and we got to talking about how we were worried we would get weird companions, but long story short we ended up being each others companions. His name is Elder Arellano, he's super cool, he likes to lift, play sports, and he's crazy like me lol. His best friend is Amon T. from beyond 5 oddly enough. Me and him lift everyday and play basketball, and we help push each other to work hard in getting the language down! Its been crazy here, our schedules are full 24\7 and we don't have any down time.

   The language has been hard and can get frustrating at times, but I'm progressing. I've already written a talk in Spanish and taught 5 lessons to an "investigator" in Spanish. All of the Latinos here call me elder superman because they think I have big muscles, and they want me to audition to be in the next movie lol, I don't see it, but it makes me laugh. One of the Latinas here tell me I'm a "pretty man" haha and it reminds me of my farewell talk.
Time has been going by so slow cause the first couple days we didn't get any gym time, and I have been waiting forever to talk to all of my family and friends. I miss you all so much, but I know what I'm doing is the right thing! Today we went to the Mexico City temple and it was absolutely beautiful, and a great experience. The drivers here are crazy and its a lot more unorganized and dirty then America which is going to take some getting used to. But its beautiful in its own way. I just got my first MTC haircut, and it actually turned out ok, I don't think the Mexican lady that cut it actually ever went to a hair school, but she did alright. The food here is really good, but really unhealthy and I eat a lot and its showing unfortunately. 
  Overall this week had been pretty good besides the first half, but I've already seen so much growth spiritually, mentally, and a tad physically(; Anyways I miss you all, and look forward to seeing pictures from home and how you are all doing.
I can read all of your emails at any time if you send them to letter@mtcmexicocarepackage.com and put Elder Mendez 13C in the subject line. they will print off your emails and give them to me everyday so I can read them before hand and have more time to reply, but still send them to this email too so I have them.
Talk to you all next week!!!(:

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