Saturday, April 9, 2016


Hey family and Friends, so as you know I got to Torreon yesturday, it was a pretty rough day, but we ended up teaching 3 new people about the góspel. Well my companion did most of the teaching since he is fluent in Spanish, but I bore testimony and it was pretty cool, they all want us to visit again and share more. This morning I woke up, killed a massive cockroach by my bed, then I hit my head on the door panel cause im too tall. Then I asked where the shower was and it turns out we just heat up a bucket of wáter and pour it on our heads for a shower. It was a Little different then what im used too, but im greatful that I was able to rinse off. Afterwards we went to a 5 hour zone conference, then we went to a members house to eat. She made us some delicious tacos and overfed me. These people here dont have very much, but they give you all they have. I hope that you guys appreciate every single thing that you have, I know that I took alot of things for granted, but after these two days I am humbled beyond belief! Well thats my day so far, have a good day everyone(:

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